Another Day at Motorcycle Wonderland, EICMA 2019!!! Come with me exploring more of this year's show, as we visit Yamaha, Verge, AJP and Kriega. In the mean while, I met living legend, Lyndon Poskitt at the show floor and he gave me the scoop on his next project!!! Here's the kickstarter page for his "Race 2 Dakar LIVE" (Africa Eco Race) : If you didn't know Lyndon, here's his YouTube channel: And here's a playlist with all the daily videos of last year's Dakar!!! If you find yourself an evening with nothing to do, watch this documentary!!!! You just have to! If you watch any of the content above, I doubt you won't feel compelled to help make this happen! So, here's the link again, so you don't even have to scroll back up there, to check it out!!! Go Lyndon!!! Go Rex!!! ; )~

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