PhotoCineNews Expo 2010 – Day 2

Oct 05, 2010 3 Comments by

Yikes! Running late for day 2 of the PhotoCineNews Expo! (I tweeted) It was only 8:57 am on a Sunday morning, but these guys are relentless! But precious content was rolling in the heart of Hollywood, at the LA Film School. I regrettably missed Visual FX for Guerrila Filmmakers, but I made it just in […]

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PhotoCineNews Expo 2010 – Day 1

Sep 29, 2010 2 Comments by

With the success of last year’s Collision Conference, we were all excited to attend Michael Britt’s event this year. PhotoCineNews Expo was this year’s re-incarnation, with a luxurious cast of speakers that would once again set the bar for this ever evolving HD capable, Single Lens┬áReflex world. The morning starts early for these guys, and […]

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PhotoCineNews Expo coming to LA this weekend!!!

Sep 23, 2010 No Comments by

An event not to miss, The PhotoCineNews Expo is a unique Hybrid Photography event happening once again in LA. With names like Vincent Laforet, Shane Hurlbut and Alex Buono, this is an event you can not miss!!!!!! PhotoCineNews Expo was kind enough to provide readers a discount code to attend the event, so take […]

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Coming Full Circle; CS5/FCS/Avid

May 02, 2010 1 Comment

Makes me feel old writing a title like that… but what is old in this ever evolving industry??? By the way, if you’re not feeling nostalgic and just want to know about CS5, just scroll down until you see the big 5… Those of us in non-linear editing should not forget, we’re riding a very […]

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NAB Aftermath – The world might be going 3d, but it has already gone HDSLR!

Apr 27, 2010 No Comments

NAB is absolutely monumental! If you never made it out there, you should! The sheer size is hard too describe… By noon of the first day, people are getting massages in the endless corridors that intertwine the megalomonous halls that host vendors by the hundreds, all together adding up this year to about 1500… but […]

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NAB 2010 POV Tour

Apr 16, 2010 2 Comments

Thought I’d give you all a sneak peak at NAB 2010 before I post my usual event coverage, which usually takes me a while to get done… This was more like a test, but I guess it turned out acceptable… and I promise I’ll have a proper mic, next time around… Hope you enjoy it! […]

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Createasphere – Entertainment Technology

Feb 23, 2010 2 Comments

Last 18th of February Createasphere came to LA once again, this time in Universal City. The theme was Entertainment Technology and the vibe was sure saturated with HDSLR ; )~ The first happening was the Canon HDSLR breakfast meetup, where we would hear some interesting news, while feasting on hot coffee and donuts. This mixed […]

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Contour HD 720p; from C cam to A cam in one day…

Nov 30, 2009 2 Comments

It’s been a crazy couple of months in RadRaven’s land… I have now approximately 99.5% of “Road to Red” in the can and a 2h30m rough-cut, growing on 3… Two major things should be mentioned about this last unit: 1. I didn’t resist! I used my 5D to shoot several pieces for my film, which […]

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The most brilliant mistake?! (1D Mark IV, 7D, 5D MK II, GH1)

Oct 23, 2009 1 Comment

It’s been an interesting week… I was about to hop on a plane back from Portugal when I saw Stu’s new blog post in my RSS feed. I can tell you I was pretty late when I got to the airport… The one 1D Mark IV could be the camera so many of us have […]

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Z-Finder; the missing view…

Oct 14, 2009 2 Comments

Being in the middle of post production of a film which seems to be adding up to a 3 hour rough-cut, doesn’t leave me much time to enjoy my recently acquired 5D MKII. Now on a short break in Portugal, I’m catching up on lost time… Not long ago I wrote an article on the […]

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